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Getico Hydrosoluble Liquid Coenzyme Q10


  • Purpose: Dietary Supplement
  • Active Ingredients: Coenzyme-Q10, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hawthome Berry Juice and Blueberry Juice
  • Directions:  As a dietary supplement, take one or three teaspoons (5 ml each) daily before, with or after a meal, or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Can be taken with fruit juices. Shake well before using. Keep bottle tightly closed in a cool (59 – 86F/ 15 -30) and dry place. 
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Why Getico Hydrosoluble Liquid Coenzyme Q10 ?

Description: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a substance (sort of like vitamins) that is naturally present in every cell of the human body. It is instrumental in helping cells to generate energy for health and vitality. CoQ10 is also a strong antioxidant and beneficial for the heart and immune system.

Why do you need CoQ10 liquid?
CoQ10 is found in the mitochondria of all living cells and is concerned with the biochemistry of converting food energy into cellular energy. This substance is required to preserve good health but the body’s levels of CoQ10 could diminish as you age. There is also a limit to how much of it can be extracted from food. That is why you need to maintain the amount externally via supplements. However, some of these supplements in capsule form don’t dissolve in water and do so poorly in fat, so the body is unable to absorb much CoQ10. But the Getico liquid CoQ10 dissolves completely in both water and fat, thus helping your body maintain optimum levels of this important nutrient

Protective effect of Coenzyme Q10

  • Energize – This liquid generates energy and endurance by rejuvenating cellular mitochondria. CoQ10 works as an energy carrier, transporting electrons and promoting the production of energy molecules. When we age, there is a natural lowering of energy metabolism inside cells, but replenishing CoQ10 levels could support energy production so you don’t feel unnecessarily weary.
  • Reduce Hypertension – Most of us lead stressful lives, leaving us a little time to do anything else. Juggling between personal and professional aspects causes lots of stress and tension but CoQ10 can help to prevent it, by ensuring you are calm and relaxed.
  • Statin Drug Users – People who take statin medications to lower their LDL (bad cholesterol) and protect against cardiovascular disease, can be helped by this liquid since those medications tend to lower the levels of the beneficial coenzyme Q10 in the heart and body muscles.
  • Heart Health – This is a safe and natural way to support heart health. Since it needs a constant source of energy, it should have the highest concentration of CoQ10 among all the tissues in your body.   CoQ10 has been shown to improve oxygen utilization and energy production in heart muscle cells. It can also aid in maintaining a healthy blood pressure which is in the normal range.
  • Heart Failure – A lot of research is being conducted into this aspect, but combining CoQ10 with other medications has shown positive results when it comes to treating heart failure. Typically a person who has heart failure has lower levels of CoQ10. There are many studies that show that CoQ10 supplements can help people who have had heart failure by helping to reduce fluid in their lungs, make breathing easier, reduce swelling in their legs, and increase their ability to exercise.
Benefits of Getico Hydrosoluble Liquid Coenzyme Q10.
Heart Health
As mentioned above, one of the primary benefits of CoQ10 is its ability to support strong and healthy hearts. More energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is consumed by the heart than almost any other part of the body. However, over time, free radicals can cause oxidative damage to the heart leaving it weaker. Taking CoQ10 regularly ensures the heart remains healthy as it enables muscle cells to become more efficient and producing and using energy. It is an excellent antioxidant because it prevents muscle weakening due to oxidative damage.  Unfortunately for those trying to prevent a first or second heart attack by lowering their cholesterol, statin based drugs commonly used to fight high cholesterol also deplete CoQ10 levels. CoQ10 supplements are a good way for statin drug users to replenish their bodies’ supply of this enzyme.
More Energy
People often feel tired and drained due to no reason – a single cause can’t be attributed to this problem. In fact, some might suffer from a chronic feeling that they are low on energy all the time. Deficiencies of CoQ10 are known to cause chronic fatigue. The benefit of Coq10 supplementation, in terms of energy levels, stems from the fact that CoQ10 aids in 95% of the bodies energy production. 
Fights Aging
Tissue levels of CoQ10 naturally decrease as we age, which leads to deficiencies that can cause a chronic feeling of weakness due to our bodies diminished ability to create ATP. Another age fighting benefit of CoQ10 stems from its status as a strong antioxidant. Free radicals that damage cellular walls, causing many of the bodily malfunctions that come with getting older, but this substance cleanses the body of free radicals, thus helping to fight aging.
Helps with High Blood Pressure
A lot of research is going on regarding this topic, and even though more studies are needed, there is strong evidence that suggests that CoQ10 supplements can help with treatment of high blood pressure.

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